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Efficient Algo

About Our Futures Trading Systems

Efficient Algo provides a markets profile futures trading room employing trading strategies that exploit proficient trading opportunities. The futures trading room is for all self-directed traders regardless of professional skill set.

Hello, my name is Pipe and my friends call me “The Pipe.” Don’t ask as I don’t know why but it has followed me everywhere. Since a child I have had a gift for applied mathematics. Using this mathematical advantage I learned how to successfully apply it to trading. Market profile is the only live dynamic view of the market where I was able to align my trading strategy with. By doing so, trading has evolved into what I believe to be incomparable genuine opportunities.

For this reason, I offer self directed traders a futures trading room  where they can get the opportunity to learn, master, use, and take away two futures trading systems that can finally give themselves the statistical edge they need to become and stay profitable traders.

The futures trading room requires a very low monthly fee and there is nothing special or extra to buy. You will need market profile charts, spread charting which is free or for a fee. I recommend and use Sierra Charts for Market Profile and SeasonAlgo for spread charts. SeasonAlgo is fee based but you can use SpreadCharts.com for free. I offer all my members 10% discount codes for SeasonAlgo.

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A successful trader is an incredibly alert strong-willed infinite multi-tasker with an unbelievable aim of intuition.

done openly with integrity, no-nonsense, and no stink!