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Futures Trading Room

If your hands on and self-direct your futures trading then the futures trading room here is a very powerful opportunity. Here you will learn how to implement two trading strategies that synergize in the futures markets to provide you with a statistical edge. 

For a low monthly fee I invite you to join and research these trading strategies. The first system is a market profile trading strategy for the futures markets. I mentor by actually trading and teaching at the same time. Yes, this futures trading room actually trades the markets using the strategies being taught. What I teach I’ve made it very easy to learn and execute.

The second system is a seasonality trading strategy where you can strategically position trade for low margin risk while controlling volatility. This type of trading is usually meant for larger account style trading which are non-bias to volatility swings but here you will learn what free or optional fee based tools are needed to find and execute this intelligent trading method.

These trading strategies are built upon on a theory that is illustrated by the simple equation shown. Using well-defined trading rules that exploit opportunities based on theoretical probability and historical statistics.

No dependencies or advanced trading skills needed, they are actually discouraged!

Members immediately learn where to take trades and most importantly members know what the risk is involved should the trade be wrong before actually entering the trade. Each day in the futures trading room I proactively lecture how these trading strategies harmonize. I verbally call each trade with stops and targets and I explain how to stay in each trade according to the trading strategy. I also hold live training classes each week.

Members Community

Besides the daily futures trading room members have 24 hour access from any device to our private membership community. In this community we have several groups and hold events that discuss the strategies, potential upcoming and ongoing positional trades and strategy training. This becomes an integral part of your ongoing membership to the futures trading room.

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