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Efficient Algo

Members Get Access To Two Powerful Futures Trading Opportunities

Efficient Algo provides a futures trading room that develops self-directed traders by orchestrating a powerful market profile strategy. Truly learn how to exploit trading opportunities in dynamic market structure and timing.

Efficient Algo also provides access to a futures spread trading strategy that is designed to show you how to use methods that reduce margin risk, control volatility, and limit loss by monitoring for unfavorable changes to active trades.

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October’s NG Spread Trade Back In Play

Don’t you wish everyday would be a trading day like today. Hey wake up! This isn’t suppose to be this easy and let me tell you, it’s not! Last four out of five trading days crude oil strategy went to target but my results show different. Getting in the way of myself with getting out early, or not getting in at all. Today has hopefully helped me get back into the groove.

Crude Oil +50 Ticks
Emini – +4 Points

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